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MMD Part of Team Commissioned for Detroit Study
07 August, 2018

MMD Part of Team Commissioned for Detroit Study

As part of the city of Detroit’s efforts to improve housing, mobility, education, heath and public safety in several communities, a planning study to support the neighborhoods of Warrendale and Cody Rouge has been commissioned.

To complete the study, the city of Detroit has hired Hector, a world-class urban design, planning and civic arts studio based in New Jersey to develop and design a framework for making the Warrendale-Cody Rouge neighborhood more conducive to the needs of children. These neighborhoods were chosen as they have one of the largest populations of school-age children in the city.

The Hector team includes Michael Marshall Design.

“We are very honored to be part of the Hector team to collaborate on the effort to turn around Detroit’s fortunes. One of the best ways to do that is through the design of child-centric places and spaces. The benefits of this initiative are enumerable. I believe that investment in the wellbeing of our children is an investment in all of our futures.”

Michael Marshall Design will bring knowledge and experience on K-12 public school design experience to enhance this initiative’s effort to truly make the Cody Rouge-Warrendale project a child-centric environment.

Community residents and young people in particular are taking the lead in developing the project’s framework. The approach, targeting youth in hopes of creating more impactful outcomes, is a unique and compelling one. The framework will be created through a nine-month community engagement process.

“From our work in Detroit and beyond, we know that putting young people in the leadership of neighborhood planning can change adult perspectives and help build organized communities today and into the future,” said Hector’s Jae Shin and Damon Rich. “We look forward to putting our knowledge and experience to work alongside Warrendale and Cody Rouge residents, community organizations, local businesses, City of Detroit agencies, foundation partners, and more.”

The effort is being spearheaded by a community group called the Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance, Michigan-based corporations (including DTE Energy, General Motors and Quicken Loans) and The Skillman Foundation, all working together to increase employment opportunities, strengthen commercial corridors, and provide opportunities for local youth.

Designs will also include new spaces for parks and playgrounds and plans for affordable housing, which will help create a more stable environment for children.

Implementation of the plan is expected in summer of 2019.