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MMD Designs New Identity  for DC Public Schools Curriculum
22 August, 2018

MMD Designs New Identity for DC Public Schools Curriculum

This summer, the MMD branding team was busy working with the DC Public Schools Office of Teaching and Learning to help the District’s school system brand its new English Language Arts curriculum, titled District Visions.  DCPS was awarded a grant for this work, which involved creating an identity for a new, comprehensive curriculum. The scope of work included a new logo, presentation templates, working documents for teachers and students, brochures, graphic assets and other materials.

This major effort was spearheaded to create an engaging and rigorous instructional course of study specifically targeted to DC public school students. The curriculum planning was part of a very collaborative effort, where teachers provided direct input and contributed to every aspect of the curriculum.

The new curriculum represents equity, access and social justice and seeks to encourage teachers and students to challenge bias, racism and injustice calling on them to  “Read. Write. Act.”

“Literacy is a social justice issue,” said Russell Helsabeck, Manager of Curriculum Development for DCPS.

In developing the brand, The MMD design team worked with the client to create an iconic symbol that represents DC and the concept of literacy in one unique mark.  A set of iconography was also developed that represents every facet of the curriculum, from vocabulary guidance to global perspectives to social and emotional learning. The iconography is a tool that makes it easier for teachers to navigate through the curriculum and to also share information quickly with peers and students.

“Working with DC Public Schools on this important initiative was incredibly rewarding for our entire team,” said MMD’s Chrys Sbily.  “To work on a project that harnesses the power of literacy for social good, for a communicator like myself, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

District Visions is currently being rolled out for the 2018-19 school year and is already making an impact for teachers and students across the city.