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MMD’s New Recycling Truck Design Hits the Streets
02 August, 2018

MMD’s New Recycling Truck Design Hits the Streets

The DC Department of Public Works and the DC Commissions on the Arts and Humanities selected Michael Marshall’s recycling truck design as one of the winners of the Recycle Now! competition for 2018. The annual design competition is part of the District’s Designed to Recycle initiative.

In an effort to promote recycling and sustainable practices throughout the nation’s capital , 15 recycling trucks will be wrapped with original designs by local artists. MMD’s Design Principal, Michael Marshall, conceived of a DC flag-themed truck design with the words “Recycle Now” in an iconic “Warhol-esque” execution.  The truck was wrapped and rolled out this past week, and is sure to garner attention throughout the city.

“The wrapped trucks forge a connection between our sanitation teams and the neighborhoods we serve, and our drivers are excited to drive them,” Department of Public Works Director Chris Shorter said in a news release.

As the MMD truck rolls out on the streets, its vibrant colors will capture the attention of residents and drive home the message that recycling matters and that every Distrct resident should play part their part.

Additional trucks will parade the streets every week until September 6. The variety of fresh new designs aims to keep residents inspired and educated on the importance of recycling.

“Art has been a powerful tool in engaging residents with our agency’s work,” Shorter added.

DC’s Designed to Recycle initiative is a major component of the city’s overall push to be waste free. Over the past few years, DC has worked hard to meet its zero waste goals, which the city defines as the diversion of 80 percent of its waste.

The city’s Zero Waste DC campaign seeks to unite government agencies, businesses, communities and schools in an effort to build a greener DC. Through the education of these different groups on the importance of waste reduction, everyone can benefit from a cleaner and healthier city.

A major component of Zero Waste DC, Designed to Recycle, launched in 2015 to great success. The visual appeal of the designs makes the initiative more effective than traditional educational campaigns, and the campaign’s prior success ultimately led to it earning additional runs.

 “We hope these moving pieces of art inspire citizens to remember the vital role they play in the city’s sustainability efforts,” Shorter said.

Added MMD Design Principal Michael Marshall, “Our practice seeks to use design as a catalyst for engagement in our communities. We are thrilled to join the agencies involved, and the design community, to make a statement and affect change through art.”

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