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MMD Lessons:  “Demystifying the Construction Document”
05 March, 2019

MMD Lessons: “Demystifying the Construction Document”

MMD’s Senior Architect Don Keppler and Designer Tim Hawkins took time on Thursday, February 28 to visit IDEA Public Charter School’s 9th grade Academy of Construction and Design in Washington, DC. The duo began their presentation discussing various types of projects, from residential to institutional and commercial. The students were then divided into two groups to review actual construction documents that Don and Tim brought in.

“Construction documents are quite difficult to read if you’re not used to them,” said Tim, who joined MMD after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from The Catholic University of America. “Don and I both agree that when we first saw a set of construction documents we had no clue what was going on. We showed the students how plans, sections, and elevations all worked together to bring a project to life.”

Ms. Sharonda Jones’ 9th grade 2A Intro to ACAD class is geared more towards construction, so reviewing these documents bridged the gap with architecture/design, as both disciplines have to use these documents to bring a project to fruition.

“It was a pleasure to share with them everything that we have to offer in ACAD, and I look forward to future opportunities for our students to learn from and work with MMD,” said Ms.  Jones.

IDEA Public Charter School is located in the District’s Ward 7, and prepares students with the academic, social, leadership, and occupational skills necessary for success through a positive culture of respect and scholastic achievement. Unique course offerings include Construction and Design, Early Childhood Development, and US Army JROTC.

Learn more about the MMD presentation at IDEA Public Charter School on the school’s website  here.