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MMD and Bradley Site Design Selected Gardening World Cup Exhibitors
16 April, 2019

MMD and Bradley Site Design Selected Gardening World Cup Exhibitors

Michael Marshall Design, along with our partners at Bradley Site Design, announce our design entry for The Gardening World Cup has been selected as a winning submission.

The design will be built and unveiled at the annual global exhibition beginning October 12, 2019 through November 4 in Nagasaki, Japan.

This year’s theme was “Tradition” and the Bradley Site Design/MMD team created a submission titled, “The American Prairie,” an engaging garden that evokes the traditional American landscape, from mountain to woodland. The call was for designs that make maximum use of each designer’s region/country.

“We are so pleased to be selected for this exhibition with our partners at Bradley Site Design, with whom we have a long-standing history of collaboration on projects here in our nation’s capital. To be collaborating with them on a project being built in Japan, that represents our country, is truly an honor,” said MMD’s Michael Marshall.

An excerpt from our submission follows:

A landscape unique to the United States, the prairie is an iconic bridge between mountainous peaks and lowland waters. Within the boundary of this garden, visitors experience the majestic evergreens and rocky terrain of the Pacific Northwest, the gardens of the northeast, and the vast prairie that spans between the two. A bubbling brook springs from boulders and leads guests through the site, ending in a pond surrounded by cattails. Here, visitors can enjoy the classic stone masonry found in gardens of the northeast and look back through swaths of playful prairie grasses to the glowing architectural feature that captures the essence of towering pines and mountains. One cannot distill the American landscape into a single form, surface or texture: our goal is to provide a glimpse into the heart of the American dream, a dream that springs from the rich soils of the prairie.