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Grant a Gift Autism Foundation 10th Anniversary

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps children, young adults, and their families master autism by providing assessment and treatment funding — combined with support services, vocational training, and transition planning.  The goal is to provide family-centered care (and early intervention) through programs and services and help prepare individuals with autism to live as independent adults. Acting as a “community safety net”, the organization fills in treatment and funding gaps not covered by state and federal resources or insurance to support a better quality of life and future.

The organization hired MMD to create a suite of marketing collateral as part of efforts to secure grants and to help raise awareness for its work. A pocket folder and brochure were designed that conveyed important information about the organization’s goals and impact. Additionally, a series of templates were created for the client to use in-house, allowing flexibility for updating content as needed.

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Las Vegas
Grant a Gift Autism Foundation
“Imagine the possibilities...if everyone had the opportunity to reach their full potential.”