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DMV L’Enfant Plaza

The DC Department of Motor Vehicles department approached MMD and our partner OTJ Architects in the re-design of the agency’s newest location at L’Enfant Plaza in the District of Columbia.

MMD had to address two challenges associated with the space: (A) The selected space had two distinct functions that were split into two by a mall entrance — waiting area for general DMV services and a hearing room and employee office area. These two spaces would need to be branded as DMV areas and guide customers throughout the two different spaces with minor confusion. (B) The DMV spaces had to be distinguished from the mall spaces

MMD addressed these two challenges by using distinct environmental graphics and wayfinding. The DMV brand colors were used in the graphics and interior material selections. This established clear visuals as to which areas were related to the DMV versus the general mall.

Understanding that DMV customers have a waiting of time of roughly 3 to 5 hours, MMD took this opportunity to also create environmental graphics that were engaging for visitors. Instead of traditional signage, textures, movement, and color were used to design visuals that were interesting and calming. Lighter colors and the texture of car tires were used in conjunction with different DC neighborhood maps to create graphics that DMV customers could relate to and find visually appealing.

(This project was completed by Marshall Moya Design.)

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Washington, DC
DC Department of Motor Vehicles
“ The result is a space that expresses the DMV’s brand and helps guide customers between two distinct areas.”