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ANC 1B of the District of Columbia Supports Reeves CMC Venture Proposal for Reeves Center Redevelopment
07 March, 2023

ANC 1B of the District of Columbia Supports Reeves CMC Venture Proposal for Reeves Center Redevelopment

At its first meeting for the month of March, 2023, ANC1B, representing DC’s Ward 1 community, presented its evaluation of each of the two proposals for the redevelopment of the Reeves Center and set forth its recommendations. In a unanimous decision, it voted to support the Reeves CMC Venture proposal.

The Commission carefully considered two competing proposals for housing, employment, retail and entertainment, arts and education, transportation and environment, and public space and selected the Reeves CMC proposal. Citing the U Street Arts Overlay District and the Duke Plan, the Commission indicated they would “like to see as much space as possible dedicated to purposed-built arts usage….such as Alvin Ailey and Washington Jazz Arts Institute.” The Reeves CMC plan includes studio space for Washington DC’s own Washington Jazz Arts Institute, founded to nurture young musicians – many from underserved communities — by supporting their efforts to create music, enter music-related careers, and develop confidence and leadership skills in conjunction with music training. The Reeves CMC proposal also includes studio space for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre – in what would be its first studio space outside New York City – and the DC-based Viva School, dedicated to training the next generation of dancers, prioritizing creating opportunities for students of color.

In its recommendations, the Commission also reiterated the importance of job creation and housing, encouraging more deeply affordable housing and suggesting consideration to housing for seniors and intergenerational households. The Commission additionally mentioned the importance of parking to the community, noting the Reeves CMC proposal includes 366 parking spots, substantially more than the competing proposal.

In closing, the Commission reiterated the importance of “promoting the corridor’s rich cultural Black Broadway and civil rights legacy.”

“We’re honored to receive ANC 1B’s support for our vision and proposal for a transformed Reeves Center at 14th and U Streets,” said Michael Marshall of Michael Marshall Design.  The Reeves CMC design team consists of  the DC-based black and woman-owned architecture firms of Michael Marshall Design, PGN Architects and Bradley Site Design.  Sean Pichon, head of PGN Architects added, “It has always been our vision to create something inspired by the past, to honor this important, historic place in our city. Our proposal has been informed and inspired by our many conversations with the members of this community, and what is important to them. To get the unanimous endorsement of ANC1B means a great deal to our team.” Reeves CMC Venture includes CSG Urban Partners, Capri Investment Group and MRP Realty as the development team. Learn more about the Reeves CMC proposal by visiting

Read the official press release here and follow the Reeves CMC social channels for continued project updates.