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Waterford Lobby Renovation

Originally built in 1963, The Waterford Condominium, located at 3333 University Boulevard West, in Kensington, Maryland, is a 13-story apartment building of 149 units designed in the european high-rise typology with glassy walls, generous wrap-around balconies and featuring a rooftop club and swimming pool.

Senior Project Architect Don Keppler’s key design moves involved reworking the required egress components and their attendant handrail structures in finely crafted steel (replacing the awkward and dated red oak railings), installing a new Amazon HUB package management system, replacing worn out carpeting with new Italian porcelain tile, introducing built in white rifted oak benches and white oak ceiling slats, creating multiple feature walls with luxe materials, LED lighting, and adding a new ADA bathroom for all residents and guests. Additionally,  the Management Office floor, was leveled (which had been on two levels for over 50 years), and a new Management Desk was added. Finally, new drinking fountains with a Hydration Station, and a Laptop Bar with device charging stations completed the fresh, contemporary design aesthetic with modern purpose. 

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Waterford Condominium
1,930 sq. ft.
“The concept streamlines the original geometry, creating a synergy with the sculptural energy of the building's exterior.”