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2019 MVT Annual Report

The MMD branding team worked with the Mount Vernon Triangle CID (Community Improvement District) to design the organization’s annual report for fiscal year 2018. Mount Vernon Triangle is a vibrant community consisting of 17 city blocks, within the East End of Downtown, DC, and is a welcoming, authentic neighborhood. The mission of the MVT CID is to develop this unique place with a strong sense of community, one that welcomes and fosters diverse cultures and experiences.

MMD worked closely with the MVT CID leadership team to share and illustrate some of the successes of the past year, including new initiatives to foster connections through parks, arts, culture, and events. A summary of community-building events was included, as well as a comprehensive list of projects that are spurring growth in residential, retail, office, and hospitality sectors. Retailers were asked why they chose to open in the neighborhood; their stories were shared along with direct quotes and photos. Stories of important programs, such as the “Clean Team Ambassadors” were also shared; this group was commemorated for its efforts to build and sustain a safe, clean and welcoming environment. The report ends with a graphic illustration of the results of the 2018 Neighborhood Perception Survey. MMD created a triangular word cloud that pays tribute to the voices of residents and visitors as they describe what makes MVT so special.

The annual report was unveiled at the MVT CID’s annual meeting in May and also shared on the organization’s new website.

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Washington, DC
Mount Vernon Triangle BID
“Mount Vernon Triangle has grown into a defined place that is both an integral part of downtown as well as a neighborhood with its own distinct and emerging identity.”