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Global Perspectives
15 December, 2022

Global Perspectives

In 2022, we have been honored to work with some amazing clients and partners, on projects in the Washington, DC region and well beyond. We’ve been energized and inspired to tackle larger and more comprehensive projects in communities across the country. As part of that growth and constant evolution, we’ve expanded our team with talented and entrepreneurial professionals who have contributed to helping us take even bolder leaps. Always at the core of our process is the intentional focus on different design aesthetics and sensibilities, inspired by the various experiences and cultures of our diverse team.

Now with 2022 squarely in the rearview, we’re looking toward the future and what comes next. We’re getting our team ready for some very big things by reflecting on what it means to be part of a global design community.

As we venture out into new horizons in 2023, we asked our team members a key question:

In what part of the world do you find your greatest design inspiration?

Granada, Spain:

Eman: “Whether it is historic architecture or the modernist organic style, I am always inspired by architecture worldwide. It’s hard to pick one favorite building out of all those we can mention, but I am a fan of the stunning and intricate Alhambra Palace in Granada, with its beautiful gardens, fountains, and courtyards. It showcases the creativity, ingenuity, and hard work architects put into their designs.”  

Meroë, North Africa:

Mohaned: “As a Sudanese architect, who grew up in Khartoum city just 60 miles south of Meroe the Great ancient capital of Kush the Pharaonic-Nubian empire that extended from the confluence of the Blue and White Niles to the Mediterranean 3000 B.C. I am always fascinated by the ancient Nubian architecture and royal tombs, which emerged from beyond the mirage: 300 steep pyramids piercing the horizon lined neatly in rows, rising as high as 100 feet toward the sky. ‘It’s like opening a fairytale book.’ Like a long lost relative, what a better connection to the roots than architecture!”


Chrys: “As a Greek American I find my greatest inspiration from sites throughout the Greek mainland that I have visited many times in my life. From the majestic ruins of the Parthenon atop Athens to the renowned Olympia, home of the first Olympic Games in the 700s — it’s astounding that many of the ruins of the hundreds of buildings originally designed and erected have survived to this day. What greater inspiration could one hope to find?”

Japan (Kengo Kuma):

Julieta: “My greatest founts of inspiration are all over the globe really; even in the metaverse now. It is fascinating to see how different cultures approach architecture and design based on their location and traditions. If I were to pick one big name that I deeply admire, it would be Kengo Kuma from Japan.”

Barcelona, Spain:

Jan: “I remember the first time I stepped into the Sagrada Familia and how my jaw was firmly on the floor for the entirety of my visit. The sheer monumentality of the structure, the decades of construction, and the generational vision that Antonio Gaudi was capable of in his time are nothing short of mind-blowing. His approach to abstract form and naturalistic elements has resounded throughout the architectural field and his influence on contemporary design. Barcelona as a whole, admittedly in grand part to Gaudi’s incredible work, will always have a special place in my heart.”

Sudan, North Africa:

Yasmin: “As a Sudanese architect passionate about exploring and incorporating ancient culture, folklore, and lifestyles through architecture and art. Sudan is a great source of inspiration being the land that birthed rich cultures such as the Nubian, Kingdom of Kush, and the Funj Sultanate, with over 500 ethnic groups reflecting their diversity through different lifestyles, dialects, and architectural styles.”

New York, USA:

Alex: “The Architecture of New York City is as diverse as the people that live there. You can find styles from Neoclassicism to Greek Revival and Gothic Revival to Art Deco. Aside from the wide range of architectural styles, I find my greatest design inspiration from the skyscrapers. Growing up in NYC, I spent a lot of time looking up. Tall buildings shape the city’s skyline with amazing views that can be seen even from New Jersey and vignettes from every borough. The kid inside me comes out every time I go back to the Big Apple.”


Alice: “I’ve been inspired by the roots of primitive and vernacular architecture found in many cultures spread around Africa and other parts of the world like Asia and Latin America. These styles, not only open up a wide range of styles and techniques, but also describe layers of architecture known to have influenced modern architectural styles, and continue to do so today.”


Marco: “As an Italian, I feel very inspired by the architecture of my country. Italian architecture, and in a more general way, Italian style, has always been of great impact on my design. Roman architecture and the architecture of the Renaissance have been a fundamental source of influence in my design.”